Saturday, 3 April 2010

Mount Tam'

For some strange reason, I'd avoided riding mount Tam until now. I'd always imagined a brutal climb, nice views, a quick fireroad descent and then home for an early bath. One weekend in March I was proven wrong.

Me, Jase, Scott and Aaron parked up in Mill Valley and started the single track ascent to West Point (about 1700 feet.) The climb was relentless and had some extremely tough technical sections but was consistently pleasant as long as you had the stamina. Luckily I'd had the foresight to pack some sharkies so I didn't need stamina - I had gelatin and sugars to keep me going.

The views along the way were beyond the scope of my poor iphone. It couldn't do them justice. Needless to say they're spectacular and worth the climb alone. The whole bay to breakers vista is outstanding on a clear day.

Once we hit West Point, we started the descent towards the general direction of Stinson Beach. The descent starts with some fun, fast fireroad and then turns into some epic single track where your only choice is to batten down the hatches, hold on and grin!

We then climbed our way back to West Point and descended back to Mill Valley the way we came. Again, great fun - but beware of hikers and sunday cyclists. The technical sections going down were no easier than coming up. A couple of tumbles were had and blood was spilt, but all in a days work.

Mount Tam - 1700 feet (x2) 25 miles....... and another cracking ride in the bag. Nice!

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