Sunday, 13 January 2013

Filthy Gorgeous

Look at this for a line up : five fine steeds absolutely plastered in fine NorCal mud. A complete ball-ache to clean off and brutal on delicate components.... But I can't think of a better way to spend a crisp, crystal clear, beautiful sunny Sunday than riding with the fellas and getting covered in the stuff.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Building Turns

I'm sitting here almost dozing off. Sheer tiredness is almost masking the dull ache in my frame that is bound to mature into crippling pain when I wake. Why? Because I've done the first proper (half) day of hard work in my life. Physical. Manual. Labour. And I didn't even get paid. T'was all voluntary. But the rewards.... Oh the rewards will be sweet and I'll gladly use more weekend time to get them. Soon, I hope.

What am I blathering on about? Well, today I did my first bit of trail work. Me and a few other like minded souls turned up to Tamarancho after answering the call to help build the new flow trail there. Starting at the top of the B17 extension, the flow trail snakes down to the bottom of Dead Heifer. Much of it is still a muddy mess, but the bones are there and man, it looks epic! Just what Marin needs ; something fast and groomed with each steep berm connected by whoops and jumps. Everything designed and sculpted just right to ensure one hell of a grin inducing shred!

Having never done trail work before I was happy to grab a shovel and pitch in where told. Our team soon fell into line and began carving and packing until we'd turned some rough looking dirt into buffed trail. Back breaking but extremely satisfying, I'll definitely be back to pitch in my efforts. The sooner this trail opens the better!!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Something Awesome This Way Comes...

Custom Steve Peat grips and a set of lovely DMR Vault pedals. All colour co-ordinated and fancy looking. All they're missing is a nice, shiny bike to accessorise....... ;o)