Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Another pre-summer work slog over and another blockbuster in the bag. With it came the usual slide into slothiness and fitness dive that comes from not being able to ride regularly. Coupled with endless snacking and beer drinking crutch sessions I was left feeling fat, toxic and in need of UV light. So I took a two week staycation to recharge ahead of a summer of (I hope) shred.

Although I struggled on bursting lungs, I managed to get plenty of riding into my fortnight of fun. A few cheeky Tamarancho and Porcupine loops were the warm up for a blissful ride at Annadel and then a leg shredding and brake stripping day at Demo. I finished my holidays a little fitter, much happier and with my bike kung fu back on point.

Annabel never fails to leave me filled with utter joy. Its my favourite place to ride in the area. The fast, loose, natural feeling terrain coaxes the best out of me and despite rising lactic acid levels I managed to transcend my weary body and attain the heady, intoxicating state of flow. Amazing. The next day me and Owen headed south to Santa Cruz. Its been a year since I last rode Demo  - I always leave the place vowing to hit it more frequently but I never seem to manage it. The Trance felt awesome on the purpose built trails, soaking up the extra rutted and gnarly descents caused by the Winter's rains.

I finished my time off with a solo Tamarancho loop. Since then I've started back at the grindstone and braved the hideous head winds on my roadie work commute. It'll take a while for my legs to feel strong and capable again. Hopefully they'll get there in time for next month's Whistler trip!