Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lucas Lads

Look at those grinning fools! That's about as many smiles that can be mustered after climbing heart attack hill at China Camp. A mixture of exhaustion, relief and polite tolerance of me feckin' around getting everyone to pose when all they wanna do is rest their weary arses and Gu up for the coming descent.

This Saturday me and few fellow workers decided to meet outside of school hours and lay down some shred. Rosson and Adam, gnarled veterans of China', myself, Simon and Ale, Erich and MTB newbie - Andy Wong. I always love riding China Camp with the uninitiated. With lovely flowey goodness around every corner, plus a few techy treats, it has plenty to excite new riders without scaring them away from this awesome sport. Andy did a cracking job on his borrowed Stumpy, and its always a pleasure to try and keep up with Rosson and Adam. Butcher's dogs don't have much on these fellas.