Sunday, 4 April 2010

April 2010

It turns out California also suffers from April showers. Nonetheless we set out, one wet Sunday in April to make fools of those who say "you can't ride Skeggs in the rain." Well.... they're wrong! You actually can't ride Skeggs when its wet, slippery and full of soul sapping mud! See, Skeggs is full of epic climbs. Epic is a manly way of saying "really feckin' hard" Those climbs become even harder when you've only got one pack of Sharkies between the three of you. Imagine the Travelator on ITV's The Gladiators - its like that. Except the Travelator is covered in mud and roots and you're running up with with a bike that - in my case - weighs about the same as a Wolfman. You get the picture.

Still, we discovered the South Leaf trail (which they thoughtfully put right below the North Leaf trail.) Definitely one to hit in the dry. Some very challenging, technical climbs and great descents. Come on Cali'... where's the feckin' sun? Still, on the bright side, the drive back on the 101 cleaned the bikes up proper job.

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