Saturday, 3 April 2010

March 2010

So, we hit March and finally the mud starts to dry up. This means more of the day can be spent riding and less of the day scrubbing the nooks and crannies of bike parts. Brilliant. We decided to hit Skeggs point - or more specifically the trails at Corte de Madera open space, just south of Half Moon Bay. I'd ridden Skegg's last year with a couple of MTB rockstars on superlite full suss rigs. I spent the day on my pig-iron hardtail, tripping out on lactic acid desperately trying to keep up... the whole time I had the "F" word rattling around my head.... that "F" word was.... fun!

So it was that me and Jason found ourselves there this March, armed with bikes, a map and a cooler box full of goodies - all set for a day's riding. Skegg's is unique in that you start with a descent not a climb. You have a big climb out at the end, but lets not worry about that now. My memory of the trails was sketchy so we decided on a rough loop of the park to get a feel for the place.

We headed to the northern part of the park and hit the Fir trail. Fir trail is a swooping length of double track with some fantastic jump opportunities and some steep descents. The alternative (as we found later in the day) is to take Resolution and North Leaf. Both very technical descents which add to the fantastic variety of riding you get at Skeggs.

We left the park (after a brutal climb out up the Methusela trail) wanting more. People had told us - misty eyed - about the Steam Donkey trail. We also took Giant Salamander one way when it was clearly better to hurtle down it the other. So we'll be back. In fact, I want to christen my Nomad here. Its the perfect playground for a new ride.

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