Saturday, 3 April 2010

February 2010

The sport of Mountain Biking holds appeal for many reasons. Its a chance to spend a decent chunk of the weekend with your mates, out in the fresh air, amongst great scenery that you hurl yourself down on expensive pieces of mechanical kit. It really does tick most boxes for blokes of a certain age. (That age being, when you realise you need to work hard to stay anything like "in shape" and you need to do something with your mates other than drinking.....)

Having not long since introduced Rich to the sport, it was time to bring another one into the fold. Jason took to his first ride like a duck to the wet stuff. He borrowed my Orange P7 (Kat's bike was too scary for him - she always manages fine but lets not dwell on that) and loved it.

Jason has since experienced a natural evolutionary process. First ride out - he's going to fit his old mountain bike with some Craigslist forks - bish. Second ride out, he's borrowed a mate's full suss that he might be buying for about 1500 quid - bash. By ride three (or maybe it was four) he's gone and bought a brand spanking Specialized Stumpy S-Works - bosh! Job done. Nice one Jason. Welcome to the fun!

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