Saturday, 3 April 2010

January 2010

My second year living and riding in California started with a few rides at Annadel state park in Santa Rosa. Annadel has some epic single track and decent climbs so a good ride is always guaranteed. However, I managed to bring some British weather with me to give the locals a taste of MTB riding UK style - ie, ploughing through mud. Annadel holds up well in the mud, but you still have an hour or two's worth of cleaning to do after each ride.

Jaime and Rich. Rich, on his lovely new Gary Fisher 29er is a recent convert to the art of MTB riding. Jaime is an Annadel vet' of over 15 years. He rides a superlite hardtail faster than any man I've seen and knows the trails like the back of his hand. A quality ride is always guaranteed with these fellas.

Obligatory post-ride scrub.

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