Sunday, 5 June 2011

Torture. Sweet, Sweet Torture

So, I'm finally back in California. It was supposed to be the Annadel XC race today but, fortunately for me and my lack of fitness, it got pushed a few weeks to due a severe rain forecast. I was still keen to get a ride in though. Luckily, the forecasters are just as lame here as they are in New York. As such, it remained dry all day. Not that a little rain was going to stop me riding. Neither was the chesty cold that I caught on the flight home. So, with waterproofs at the ready and lungs full of butter, I headed to Fairfax to meet Dave and Damon for a ride.

We'd talked about a quick blast around Rancho. Perfect for me. Something relatively mild to get me back into the swing of things. As it turned out we instead climbed Mt Tam and rode a bunch of trails I'd never seen before (mainly because they're designed for two feet, not two wheels.) Super technical and challenging. My Kung Fu hasn't suffered too much, but the rasping of my lungs and dizzy head, combined with cramping legs, meant I walked some sections. I saw rocks, not lines, so took it easy. Still, I'm keen to go back once I have a bit more fitness under my belt.

It felt great to be back out on NorCal trails again. And to be on the Nomad. I'd forgotten how plush it is. But the ride did almost kill me. 3 hours and 3000ft after two months of nothing of the like was brutal. My quads looked like a pregnant belly, squirming under the strain of what is normally a "fun" climb. Still, I needed to get the first ride out of the way. Punishing as it was. Now, hopefully I can get a few more like that in the bank and have a decent shot of riding well at Annadel. Let's see.

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