Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back to Reality

Staycation is over. But not before I squeezed in a lovely morning jaunt around Annadel with Jaime. I was hoping to hit Skeggs too but my China Camp knee injury had other ideas.... Still, the weather in Santa Rosa was beautiful and the trails : perfect. Batter like. Jaime always sets a good click, which was just what I needed to help prepare for the race in 2 weeks. Just over 17 miles in less than 2 hours and I felt good. Those hours sweating over the hotel stationary bike in NYC obviously went some way to stopping my legs from withering.

I also discovered a new trail today : Spring Lake. Amazing..... soooo fast you can barely believe it. Lots of rolling, shaded single track which the locals have augmented with jumps and berms at the side of the trail. Presumably so you can do a better job of dodging/terrifying Sunday hikers. I'll be back next week with Spangles. We'll hit Lawndale and Rough Go in prep for the race. Aaah... I can't wait to get the bib on the bike and hear those cattle bells mixed with knobbly roar!

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