Sunday, 20 March 2011

"Just Fishing for Berms Dude!"

A quote so memorable it had to be the blog title :o) We've had a lot of English weather here recently. In fact, it's been a bit of English (ie rain and drizzle) mixed in with some pretty serious gale force winds and bullet like hail. Still, we've managed to dodge into the eye of such storms and catch some dirt (or at least mud) during the calmer moments. Another cracking 'rancho night ride and today, a blast up and down Mt Tam. The looming clouds threatened to drown our enthusiasm and an early shower left me sitting in what felt like a soggy nappy for the rest of the ride. But that, and two snapped derailleur cables, couldn't conspire to stop our grins from hurtling down some fine Marin trails. I head to NYC very soon. My time in the Nomad is limited before the break. Back at Aaron's he showed us his new friend, a Santa Cruz DJ Jackal. Such a fun piece of kit.....And there IS that jump park half an hour from the hotel in Manhattan..... ;o)

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