Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Half Inched

Aah look. There I am at the Lake Sonoma series. Wearing a shirt earned with blood, sweat and grinding gears at last year's Lemurian. My very first pair of MTB shorts, battered through countless incidents of my arse hitting dirt, lovingly stitched back together by my own fair, fumbling hands. Shoes, purchased the day of our first xmas ride. And a camel sack, so precious I saw fit to protect it from the elements with a bespoke cover. All this good stuff digitally recorded on my little blue and white Garmin friend (and Nick's camera..) And lost the very same day to some thieving feckers who thought a bag full of sweaty, muddy clothing was worth smashing a Scooby's window for. Feck all for them, the cost of new glass for me, and the loss of some well loved kit. :o(

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