Sunday, 27 March 2011

Happy Dias

Well, I managed to squeeze in one last blast before I feck off to NYC for a bit. And what a blast it was. It's been a while since I've ridden with Rosson and his buds. Almost long enough to forget just how strong and fast they are - but not quite. I knew the ride (wherever we went) would be brutal. So much so I almost thought about bailing. But I also knew it would be a huge challenge and extremely good fun. I wasn't disappointed (on both accounts.)

Meeting in Mill Valley the six of us hit the Railroad Grade trail up to the East Peak of Mt Tam. 2500 ft of elevation at (my) race pace was one hell of a warm up. I managed to keep out of the granny and the fellas in my sights. But I struggled on my Nomad against their superlite hardtails - and their legs forged from years of cat 1 racing. But the descents were well worth the comfort zone tugging climbs. Hitting first Coldsprings, a banked, sweeping trail with epic views of Muir Beach and the Pacific, Dias and ending with the Miwok trail. I've ridden these trails before, with Scott, Aaron and Spangles. I'd forgotten how much fun Miwok is, but to be honest I could barely enjoy it as much as I'd like. All the sugary Guup supplies I had couldn't take my focus away from my cramping legs. A great ride though. Definitely one to put hairs on your chest. Hopefully it will go some ways to offsetting the period of riding inactivity that is coming up. Next stop, NYC. Hopefully there'll be one or two posts as I aim to check out some east coast action.....

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