Saturday, 26 March 2011

Big Rock

Given where I work, it was about time I took a trip down Lucas Valley road to check out the scenery. Waking up to another deluge of english weather ruled out all our usual haunts. We didn't fancy a mud bath. A plan to hit Tam the next day was already in the works, so an alternative, weather friendly locale was needed. And so it was that me and Spangles decided to hit Big Rock. Probably one of the easiest to spot trailheads in Marin :o)

There are several trails and fireroads around Big Rock, but we decided to take the usual out and back route. Passing the rock itself, climbing 2000 feet to the tv towers (and a spectacular view) before doing the whole thing backwards at a much faster click. By the time we hit the top, the heavens opened and our plan to explore the previously inviting fireroads was nixed in favour of a spirited descent back to the warmth of the waiting Scooby'. The trail itself holds up amazingly well in the wet. The few rutted and boggy sections are broken up with some beautifully sweeping rocky singletrack. Once you're done with the cow gates and switchbacks, the trail opens up to an uninterrupted view of epic trail snaking back to Lucas Valley road. Here, you can really drop the hammers and let suspension deal with the unanticipated trail details obscured by dollops of rain sitting on foggy glasses. Awesome fun. Definitely somewhere to hit when a quick shred session is needed.

View through the goggles or post-ride beer?? You decide :o)

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