Sunday, 8 December 2013

Who's this?

Who is this cheeky looking fella pulling up the rear behind Eric? It's none other than Jason Spangles! After a near two year hiatus, Jase decided to blow the dust mites off his superlite Stumpy and swap it for some lovely trail dirt instead. About bloody time! And just in time too as I feck off back to England for the Christmas holidays very soon and I didnt want to miss the rare sight of Jason riding mountain.

The trails around San Francisco are stunning at this time of the year. Cold, clear air, hero dirt and stunning views make for some pretty epic rides, even when we're just visiting the usual loops. I love it. Makes me appreciate how lucky we are to have so much beauty on our doorstep.  And it was great to see Spangles out on two wheels again. Even better to see him get his mojo back, especially on the flow trail. Here's hoping the Stumpy will be getting dirty on a more regular schedule next year! Oh, and here's a video of me and Eric hitting the Serpentine drop...

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