Wednesday, 11 January 2012


The first night ride of 2012 was something we'd been looking forward to all week. Me, Zach, Dave and Paul met at the usual spot, gave eachother manly welcoming hugs, and headed up Iron Springs road to the familiar Tamarancho loop. After an epic shred session at Annadel the previous Sunday I was pumped to hit the dirt. Mother nature had other plans though. For some reason things didn't feel quite right. Maybe my lights were slightly off kilter, or my tires were too pumped after a recent tune up... or I just wasn't in the zone. Either way, as I lined up 'rancho's infamous Serpentine drop in my beam, I suddenly washed out and dropped like a sack of shite. I'd neglected to sport my awesome Fox knee pads but managed to christen my brand new riding jacket with some nice jagged rips down the arm. Joy. A little ways down the trail Dave hit the drop before careening into a rut and going arse over teakettle into the shrub. Bloodied and bruised, we decided to call it a night and headed back into Fairfax for a beer. We'll try again next week....

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