Sunday, 13 February 2011

Look!... Look at this...

… This is "The Cyclisk." It's a massive tower constructed out of old bike bits and mounted on a concrete plinth in Santa Rosa in the name of urban art. Cracking. Having had another leg surgery to rid me of rusty leg pipes I decided to take it easy this weekend. But the call of the dirt was too strong. The thought of another missed weekend in the Nomad's company was too distressing. So, as a compromise, I suggested to Rich he blow the dust off his Gary Fisher 29er and we head over to Helen Putnam park for some mellow shredding.

HP is a fantastic place, and perfect for a low level session. The whole place is made up of little loops of sweeping, twisty singletrack with some relaxed climbing. A few steeper sections throw in a suprise every now and again, but for the most part it's just fun and fast with little chance of spillage or over-exertion. Having said that, a hastily scoffed panini and lengthy periods between rides got the better of Rich on one of the climbs and a little "trail omelette" was offered up to cook in the glorious Sonoma sunshine :oS

After checking out the Cyclisk, I took a little trip to Howard Park (next to Annadel state park.) Seemed like a waste not to, given I was in the 'hood an' all. A few loops around the lovely Howard Park singetracks, plus a dirt jump session with some local kids, and I was all done. Sun, dirt and a bit of culture. Good times ;o)

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