Monday, 28 February 2011

February Fun

The past couple of weeks has seen rain kaibosh our night rides, and dual slalom racing plans. But that's not stopped us from getting some cracking rides in. Last weekend we hit China' and then took a little trip up Mt Tam to see the snow. This weekend : first session of the year at Tamarancho and a shred at Skeggs. Tamarancho has been groomed since I last rode there. A new drop feature plus some trail work has added spice to an already outstanding place to ride. The usual technical challenges and frustrations (mainly on the climb) were soothed by some sweet sweet singletrack descending. Such a great place to ride and develop those technical kung fu skills.

A missed turn at Skeggs meant me and Chris did the Blueblossom trails twice. No bad thing given how much fun it is. I've started employing advice from Dave about stance, especially on cornering. Using a more aggressive body position and really leaning the bike over to rail the turns. I found it really coming together at Skeggs. Judging by how many people we dropped and overtook, I obviously gained some speed somewhere. Fun times and immensely satisfying to feel my riding progress. All to be put on ice soon though as I'll be in NYC for 8 weeks on a shoot..... The poor Nomad will be mothballed during one of the year's best race months. Ah well. I'll just have to keep getting her muddy as often as possible in the meantime. :o)

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