Monday, 20 April 2015

** b!K3 p0R-n D@y!!!

Sea Otter is the perfect bike geek's day out. Glorious sunshine, plenty of sexy looking anodized gubbins, components and shiny new kit to check out, plus acres of sweet sweet rides to gorp at. The 'Otter is also a great chance to see the heroes of our sport competing (albeit casually and with plenty of showboating) in dual slalom and downhill races. Perfect for getting pumped for our upcoming Northstar downhill adventures. So, this weekend, me and Chris headed down south to the Sea Otter Classic to indulge in some bike related drooling. Here are some pics from the day! :

Almost all of the pro downhill racers opted to ride regular trail bikes instead of burly dual crown beasts. Here's a Giant Trance Advanced getting some big air.... Just goes to show what you can do with these rigs!

No chance of dropping a chain on this clever Commencal DH rig....

Old and the new (in the background.) Shaun Palmer's radical Intense downhill bike has earned legendary status and looks pretty sweet in the flesh.

Subaru's wall of innovation. This kid's face says it all.... not too convinced by this early fat bike!

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