Sunday, 1 June 2014

Shreds the Dust

A packed schedule of robots and industrial magic means I haven’t had too many rides to write about recently. It's been more about squeezing in some two wheeled fun as and when, in between bouts of long hours at the computer. Still, as work on Hollywood’s latest blockbuster draws to a close, Summer is slowly ramping up with the promise of warm, dusty descents to be ridden to the sound of whirring chair lifts. Me and Chris have our downhill sleighs out of storage and a weekend of Northstar booked for early June. A perfect limbering up before our regular pilgrimage to Whistler in July. However, before we gave in to the excitement of another hot season of shred, we had to say a bittersweet goodbye to good riding buddy Dave. He’s off to Colorado soon so felt it fitting to say adios to his riding buds with one last blast around home turf – Tamarancho.

Knowing it would be last time we'd ride these familiar trails together, and the fact that my riding has been scarce recently, meant an amazing ride was had, where every lungful of air spent grinding the cranks and shredding the dirt felt fantastic. No strava times were bothered during the ride, but judging by our sweaty grins we'd all ridden hard and well deserved the post ride beers.

All the best Dave, you're an awesome riding buddy and I look forward to you showing us your new local trails.

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  1. Great ride with you have the boys! I looked up some of the downhill tracks around here, Keystone and Trestle Park are the closest, about 90 minutes. I'll do some scouting, and maybe you guys could get out here towards the end of the season. :)