Monday, 18 November 2013


This time of year is probably my favourite. The bike parks are closed and the riding days are much shorter meaning our riding is limited to XC loops around the usual haunts. But I never get complacent. I still feel a bubble of joy burst in my heart whenever we saddle up to hit Rancho or China Camp or wherever. There's a refreshing chill in the air which signifies Winter, with its rain and mud is on the way. But its not here yet. Just glorious golden sunshine bathing dusty singletrack, beckoning me and a few other grinning fools to keep shredding until the shitty weather takes hold and we have to slogg it through the slop.

Anyways. Enough wanking lyrical. Check out this seasonal-coloured beauty! Rosson has decided to park his mental belt driven 29er hardtail in favour of something a little special. A Santa Cruz 5010. Full suspension, 27.5inch wheels and a cracking orange carbon frame. Light as a feather and built like a tank. I think I've found my new favourite bike!

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