Friday, 3 May 2013


When I first heard of downhill riding, I didn't think it was for me. Too extreme. Too dangerous. I was too old. I didn't see the point of riding stuff THAT steep or sketchy. But after giving it a go, warming up on some blue runs and then liking a few black runs, I started to get it. And regular riding was never the same again.... For a start, I was faster and more aggressive. I liked it! But I could never justify getting a downhill bike of my own... could I?

Fuck it. I did. And here she is. Perfect, shiny and ready. I'm taking her out tomorrow for a break in ride (at China Camp) along with Chris and his lovely new Santa Cruz Syndicate V10. It's going to be a fantastic season. Whistler is already booked and Northstar opens in 5 weeks time. We have our sleighs ready. Now we just need to get the feckers dirty!

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