Sunday, 23 September 2012

Cream Crackered

I have every sympathy with Spangles in this picture. Climbing the dyno at China Camp is rarely a treat. On this day it felt especially brutal. That's what a few weeks out of the climbing saddle will do to a rider's fitness - especially when one of those weeks was spent downing beers alongside downing ski runs.

All good though. My digits took a pounding at Whistler so I decided to let them heal a bit. Today was the first XC ride since the trip and, aside from the tanking fitness, it felt great. A few Strava PRs (including knocking 20 odd seconds off my previous Hitler descent) offered some reassurance that the break hasn't harmed my skills too much. Next week's Tamarancho Dirt Classic is going to suck though. Cat 2, which means 3 times up the Dead Heifer climb..... Eesh...

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