Sunday, 6 May 2012


Aaah.... it's that time of the year when I get to strap a number plate to my bars, get up early, and go join a few hundred other like minded souls for some competitive shredding. Boggs 2012 organized by the masters of NorCal bike racing - BikeMonkey. This was my first time racing this event and I was excited. The format is a relay style lapped event where team members (or solos for the masochistic) take turns to ride a 7 odd mile loop at Boggs Demonstration State Forest. 7 plus miles, and just over 1000ft of climbing on some of the loveliest, flowiest trails I've ever seen. Awesome stuff.

Me and Chris (team Limey Bastards) got up at silly o'clock and drove the 2 hours north to Boggs. Chris took the first lap and I waited, nervous with excitement for him to return, high five and then send me on my lap. The course was mainly singletrack with some fireroad climbs and one ripping fireroad descent. But it was the singletrack that really made the day. Super smooth, flowey and with enough tech to keep things interesting - I loved it. I just wish I had more fitness to fully enjoy it. Race pace? More like fat kid at the back pace for me. The first lap was fine, but by lap 2 I was feeling it. I made the fatal error of wolfing down a loaf sized burrito and then going straight into lap 3. Big mistake. My fried legs wrestled for blood with my poor intestines as they both tried to process the abuse I was throwing at them.

Having a lump of concrete in my guts didn't help my already slow climbing... but the descents were still a lot of fun. Last week's BetterRide camp was still fresh in my mind as I leaned the bike into corners and kept my stance and vision in check. I felt a big difference and a renewed sense of oneness with the Nomad as I flowed down the lovely trails. Great stuff. I can't wait to keep working on the skills and drills and see how they improve my normal weekend rides at China and the like.

I'm not sure where the Limey Bastards placed. But we had a great day of sun, bikes, dust and hanging out with good riding buddies. That's really what the racing is all about for me. I do need to get some fitness back though. Especially as Downieville isn't THAT far away....