Friday, 20 April 2012

Deja Vu

Aah... it seems like only this time last year  I was stuck on a shoot, living out of a suitcase in five star luxury and severely missing my bike. Well, given it's that time of year again, it seems only right to keep the tradition alive and miss out on Sea Otter, Shasta Lemurian and other great bike related events ... Just so I can sod off somewhere to take photos for a movie (ofcourse I wouldn't have it any other way.) This time its Hong Kong. A sprawling urban jungle where there's no time to do anything bike related other than take pictures of the dirty workhorses that litter the streets.

Ah well. I'll be back in Cali' next week where I'll be hitting Palo Alto and achieving the dream of doing a Better Ride course.... Stay tuned!

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