Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well, working in the moovies is all well and glamorous, but it can cut into the riding a bit. And its that way at the  moment. Still, it's not completely stopping me from getting out and hitting the dirt, and we've managed to get some quality riding in recently - check the Strava over there on the right for "stats and deets." Also the weather has been pretty outstanding. Whilst the folks back in England are wrapping up against the freezing sleet, I've been riding in shorts and a jersey and worrying about sunburn.

Me and Chris have been getting out and visiting our favourite haunts. Annadel with Jaime last week, and Skeggs today. I managed to fry my legs by adding an impromptu double front side loop to my Saturday China Camp ride (owing to a forgotten pair of riding glasses left at the top of a descent, remembered at the bottom. Joy.) So that, coupled with some heatstroke meant Skeggs' brutal climbs were extra unpleasant today. The descents were fun, but felt short lived..... Partly due to cooked quads but also due to riding some of them faster than normal (thankyou Strava for the info!)

The Nomad has been tuned up the wazzoo and is feeling fantastic. I managed to find some great flow at China Camp this weekend. Although the parkie with the speed gun didn't bother to write me a ticket so there's still work to do there. But I've had a new rear wheel, bottom bracket, Shimano rear mech and shifter, fork and shock rebuild PLUS I've gone tubeless. The enthusiastic fellas at Big Swingin' set me up with tires full of goop. I'm not sure if the finer qualities of ditching tubes will ever be noticed, but it's nice having the option to drop the PSi and play with that. For now I'm just happy to get out when I can and hope to build up some strength for the upcoming Shasta Lemurian and Boggs 8 hour races....

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