Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tick Tock

While the fellas back in Cali' are riding Sea Otter, the Shasta Lemurian and gearing up for the Annadel XC race next month, I'm still scratching around NYC trying to find some decent riding. It exists, I'm sure. I've seen pictures. In New Jersey there's actual mountains with trails and everything. But getting to these places, on public transport, whilst co-ordinating decent bike rental is proving to be a logistical no-no. So I'm limited. So limited in fact, last week I ended up hiring a steel cruiser in central park and riding around on that all day. And I enjoyed it! However, I need to keep my dirt skills in some sort of shape, so this week I once again took a trip to Cunningham Park.

The trail conditions were damn good - save for all the feckin litter. And my Kona steed was fairly plush. So I spent a good couple of hours thrashing around like a loon, hoping that my first ride back in NorCal (which may well be the Annadel XC) won't hurt too much..... Straight into a 20 odd mile race having done no hill climbing for 2 months? Who am I kidding :o(

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